Anyone enjoy any tips on how to gain a rat out of its coop??

I have two, but one is impressively scared and shy. I enjoy had them for more or less 3/4 days now. I inevitability to clean the enclose but I dont want to force it out as it only get more scared. Any tips on how to attain her out? I tried feeding her food but she of late comes to the door and no further (the other feamle is fine and runs outside the cage)

Answers: One easy entity to do is to find a container that the rat can fit into, like a small cardboard box, small coffee can, ect... Place it inside the round up or at the door, then a moment ago use your hand to guide he or she into the container. Then you can get hold of the rat out without upsetting it. Or if you want the rat to revise to come out on its own you could start leaving the hold door open when your surrounded by the room to supervise of course. Then disappear a few of their fav treats close to the cage but out of manage from the cage itself to help out coax the animal out. Perhaps once he or she is free to explore and finds it to be a positive experience they will be more likely to come out on their own, Good luck, hope this help.
Not sure.

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