(Just read extra details it explains everything =])?

I have a guinea pig name sunny she has really long nail how do i clip them?what can i clip them with?I own dog toenail clippers but they are big and i think they will crack the pin i also have regular clippers...what should i use?!

Thanks within advance
Answers: I could explain how-tos and whatnot, but I'll purely give you this contact, it'll explains and has picture diagrams on fastener trimming.

Guinealynx is also the best medical, care, and emergency guide on the internet. It's impressively hand for adjectives reference.
If you can procure some, the sell babe-in-arms clippers at the store with a magnify glass on the conclude, so that you can see what you are clipping!
Those work well for my Rats! Good Luck!

I even get mine at a discount store for about two dollars!
i use to make higher guinea pigs.
I always used a small duet of regular nail clippers..
as long as you can see the fast, you can easily trim the nail. if the nails are gloom and you cant see the quick, after what I use to do is just cut sour about 1/2 inch and later i used a nail folder to smooth it all out
I construe there are clippers designed for guinea pigs and rabbits, but im not entirely sure where on earth they would sell them. I f adjectives else fails and you dont mind spending a buck, you could hold a vet clip them.

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