My hamster have escaped how do i find where on earth he is.?

he got out of his hold between the hours of 2300pm and 700am 2days ago we have turned the house upside down and still no sign, its our sons one and only pet and he is asking about it so any relief will be appreciated.
Answers: This is what you need to do:

Don't nouns! They escape and you can't find them because they are afraid and will hide surrounded by the smallest of spaces.

At night, up to that time you turn in (remember they are nocturnal and moving at night) put the cage on the floor surrounded by the middle of the room where it when missing. Open the door to the pen and put some peanut butter inside. They love the smell and can smell it a mile away. Keep the door open and jump to bed. In the morning you should find him safe and thaw out. He is happy to be contained by familiar surroundings.

Good luck!
Use the cat he'll fine it.
place his liking food on the floor.
if any of it is gone in the morning you know he is still contained by ya house
then in recent times look in adjectives the tiny iclosed spaces
get a cat
I would try setting a humane trap for him. Use a food that he really like and set it up before you turn to bed. If he is in your house he will jump after what he really wants - Food! Check out this trellis site for humane traps they come in adjectives different sizes.
it's probably hiding and won't come out until nightime when it's dark and dormant.Leave food out then hold on to your ears open,worked for me when i be little.Caught him in the fall.Took about a week,thou he come and got the food everyday.
You may stipulation to tell you little one that the pet have went away and possibly take him to the shop to buy the pets brother... Those little critters are sneaky and can bring out so fast and be gone forever. Have you checked the washer and dryer? Also look beneath the fridge and the stove. Mine liked to cover under the couch. Good luck. Also I don`t know barbed wire is needed on the shut within LOL :)
Put it's cage on the floor close to where on earth it usually is and wait. It will bring hungry and come to it's home. As long as there is no other food source. Even the smallest and dumbest animals are smart satisfactory to know where they live and where on earth their food was.
Just close to in the windy, your rodent should return to it's burrow (cage). Just wait it out. Good luck!! If he get outside just jump buy a new one.
wen i lost mine a few years ago, this sounds daft but one of us stood downstairs and the other upstairs and if u are really relatively we heard my hamster scratch and it turns out he was below couch. i lost my hamster loads of times and the top places were: beneath beds/couches, behind the wash machine, contained by warm corners etc. lately try and listen out for him!! :) x x x
mine went below the bath put food down and into the round up good luck if that don't work get hold of one that is one and the same and tell him he come back
look within and behind wardrobe my neighbours was found in that and had made a latest house ours got into the kitchen cupboard they do sometimes travel back to their ripened home for food so get someone on hours of darkness watch
my proposal is try to get a hot one the same colour and hope your son know no different as you will be very lucky to find it...
When I be a kid we had so various hamsters escape that we developed a pretty fool proof system (similar to some already listed). We would get a pretty towering jar (ie. a large pickle jar) and put food inside. Peanut butter would work really in good health. Then we would rubber band a crocheted hot wipe around one side, which formed a ladder of sorts. Then we would place it surrounded by a likely spot and donate it over night. It be pretty simple (I DID think it up when I be about seven), but worked really resourcefully.
I found this worked well when mine go A.W.O.L:
Put a bucket half jam-packed with saw dust/ hammie bedding on the floor contained by the middle of the room your hammie escaped from. Make a stair case from books main up the side of the bucket; put a bit of hammie food on each step and some over the sawdust in the bucket. Remember to exit the room door open contained by case hammie have made it to another room. Your little pet will smell the food, eat on the opening up the steps and smell more food in the bucket, falling within with a soft landing. Hammie will be incompetent to climb out but will be safe. Hope you haven't get a cat !
I'm afraid to say hamster resembling going under floor boards so the solely way to know is by calling his signature and keep on penetrating
good luck x
Yikes, 2 days ago, thats not too perfect.

I would have suggested treats everywhere, but as its be 2 days, buy a load of humane mouse traps, simply just a moment or two box which will shut when he goes surrounded by it.

Also leave the coop on the floor so it can get posterior in.

Shut adjectives doors, so it wont be moving from one room to another (they can also climb stairs)

Has there be any signs of it around?
If not then im afraid you might enjoy to think the worst.

Oh and they approaching dark places, so really expect about where on earth it might be, where you most minuscule expect probably.

Hope you find him.
maybe you could try one of those humane mouse traps - but a roomy one if you can find it - one of those box ones where you put the food inside and when the animal go in it get trapped in in attendance, but not hurt. then you would not solely attract your hamster, but also catch it.

Good luck. :)
you can try one of two things
1. put some food out on the floor & kind a wide circle around it near some flour...then follow the tiny footprints to find the little escapee
2. bring a bowl / bucket with surrounding substance height sides, put some food inside it & place a stepladder for the hamster to gain access.the hamster will smell the food & will follow the scent to fill his belly & wont be capable of get out again (dont own a bowl with fundamentally high side because the hamster could bring hurt!)
Good luck & i hope it helps you to find your little critter!
Ok firstly try not to verbs, you should make sure you head off the door of the cage uncap before you turn to bed.He could quite possibly be missing for some time, next,might appear again.Another thing to try is placing some books,as though they are steps,head them up to a bucket,you must put something soft at the bottom so that if he gets within after climbing the books, he wont hurt himself.Place some food at the top to hand the edge so that when he go for the food,he goes into the bucket,keeping him safe and sound without hurting himself.Hope you find him,honest luck.XXX

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