Can i draw from a separation for two hamster cage?

My pet hamster has other lived in a Habitrail Playground round up. He has his toilet, his food dish, rudder, etc.
However, he bites the metal cage wires as dark and nobody (other than myself) can sleep.

Now, yesterday we bought a Habitrail OVO cage next to another attachment. The good point with have two hamster cages beside respectively other is that it gives the hamster much more to do. However, it would be okay to connect the "Playground" near the "OVO", during the daytime, but when everyone goes to sleep he is JUST within the OVO?

But, if he has access to the "Playground cage" at dark, he will bite the wires at night.
Would at hand be a way to connect the "Playground" round up to the "OVO" cage, and own some sort of separation so he would stay in the OVO at hours of darkness, and be able to run around both of them at hours of darkness? A door or something that can be closed?

Sort of an add-on to the question- if we be to just attach the two straight-up, would he run around more and spend smaller number time biting it?
Answers: I know that on some of the other hampster cages you would be capable of buy a circle thing that you could place surrounded by between the tubes so that they would stay seperated.
Hm, it might give him more to bite on. But it could hold on to him very,hugely intertained.

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