Ahhh! A mouse surrounded by our house! How do I acquire it out?

How do I get this mouse out of our house?
Should I use a mouse trap?
But what do I put on it for bait?
Answers: Once the mouse is surrounded by, the only course out is on a trap. There are some live traps available if you worry in the order of things like that. If seeing a late mouse is not objectionable, use a snap trap which catches the mouse when it is attracted to the bait on the trigger. Use anything the mouse is eating surrounded by your cabinets. If you don't know what it is ingestion, use peanut butter or chocolate. Place the traps wherever you find droppings or see the mouse. Set several traps out at dark in the nouns it frequents. You should find it caught the next morning or in a few days. If not, change the placement of the traps and the bait and try again. If you can find a hole where on earth it's coming from, plug it up with steel wool. Good Luck!
Mice avoid peppermint.
Put some peppermint grease of flavoring on cottonballs and put them around your home.
You can stuff steel wool in mouse holes.
I own a cat, and still get a mouse immediately and then, lol.
Oh, I caught 1 and kept it for a pet, he's so cute. dont no

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