A pet for me?

So I was basically dumped after a 2.5 year relationship, and I'm super-lonely so my friends recommended I get a pet. Trouble is, I don't know what to take. I want something that I can play with, but I'm barred to have cats or dogs contained by my apartment building. Therefore I'm looking at getting a smaller pet such as a rodent. I was thinking of getting a hamster, but be told that you can't really play with them or anything. I call for something that will let me play beside and cuddle it, but something that's not too noisy or big 'cuz my roommate doesn't really close to rodents. Any advice?
Answers: You could try rats. But breed sure you ask your roommate if this is okay.
Rats are a really great type of pet because they love being held (some do, construct sure you pick one that doesn't mind being cuddled), can be effortlessly trained, don't need much shut within cleaning, and are pretty cute too. Just make sure you do adjectives the research you can on rats to provide them with a loving home.
Guinea pig!!

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