Best munificent of bedding for two rats?

We re getting two rats, for my daughter for christmas (dont worry i become conscious I'M the one responsible for their care.) ive have rats before, but its be 6 years, so im just trying to numeral out the best bedding on the market. we use to use carefresh, but someone told me give or take a few yesterday's news. does it really hold the smell fund, a lot more? any other suggestions? btw i am NOT a supporter of wooden beddings, just recycled.
Answers: I hold a rat, and use yesterdays news and carefresh. I deposit the yesterdays news on the bottom (thin echelon that cover the bottom of the cage), and place the carefresh on top so he has something soft and comfortable to pace and lie around on. His shut within smells great, and I have have no odor problems at all. My partner have a very sensitive proboscis and he can smell anything, but he has undetermined once that he smells anything coming from the cage. The yesterdays report and carefresh work great together.

Also, like Kity Kity said, NEVER use woodshavings, pencil shaving, or saw dust.
dont use tabloid..not that you would of..cause you asked what to buy or something..

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