Would you recommend a Chinese hamster?

I am a beginner and I would close to one chinese dwarf hamster. Some say they are unforced and some say they are not! I resembling the facts that it is hard to brand them overweight as Syrians will eat and guzzle and will not be able to fit surrounded by the rotastak tubes also they are soooo cute! I have also notice that they are often awake when I shift into my local pets at home store where as most of the other nocturnal animals are asleep. Also I would try and achieve it during the summer holidays (6 weeks) so that I can sped as much time as possible to tame it so that it should be easier to touch etc. (As you may have guessed I would gain a Rotastak for it. I think the space command one near a couple of extras like the tangle etc and ladders to mount inside the vertical tubes.) I own been told that the chinese are commonly really friendly and curious hamsters.

I have be reading about them for a while so that I can become really confident more or less them!
Answers: My friend has a Chinese Hamster and its the cutest entity!

If you know how to take vigilance of them well, afterwards I would definitely reccommend getting one. There temperments are so nice because in attendance a little timid but collectively quite good-natured. I've also notice that they hardly ever nip or bite unless in that really upset about something. If you read up around them and know how to take attention of them, you should get one. Just know that they require a great deal of exercise so you'll need a big enclose, ball to run surrounded by, etc.

Good luck!
all pets stipulation tons of love no pets are easy to embezzle care of ok
ably, i have a Chinese dwarf hamster and she is the cutest little entry. she is so sweet, and you can basically do anything beside her.

although, if you are a beginner i would recommend a Syrian hamster because of the reality that Chinese hamsters are very fragile, and they prefer to be surrounded by groups, rather than living alone.

but, i'm not going to force you into doing anything. even though Chinese hamsters are cute, Syrian hamsters are cheaper and easier to embezzle care of. (and they necessitate to live alone, which eliminates the obligation for a second hamster.)

well, moral luck with your outcome and your soon to be new pet hamster! :]

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