Can i put a manly and a feminine hamster surrounded by like peas in a pod enclose lacking them aggression respectively other?

i wanted to kno because i thought that since he be all alone he would have need of a mate and plus the dang thing bit me and they right to be heard that when they bite you its because of hormones or hands smelling approaching food but i wash my hand before i touch him. so please hand over me an answer??
Answers: FIRST of all, males and females should never be kept together, unless breeding.

Is it a Syrian or a dwarf? Dwarves can be kept within same sex pairs. Syrians are territorial, they HAVE to live alone. they DO NOT get lonely. Syrians WILLkill eachotherif kept together.

The answer is no. They will mate=bad.
Sometimes, they a moment ago bite you because they're cranky or tired of being bothered. If you put a manly and female together, be prepared for babies galore!!

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