After the annoyance of no gerbil's aloud contained by Melbourne, i be thinking would a sugar glider be a well-mannered pet?

i've seen them within the store around the corner, they just want to provide it so they're tell me it would be great for me. it's pretty expensive for the adjectives lot $300 for the sugar glider and $400 for the cage and going on for $200 for the heater piece and toys/branches (or so she said) so after all this i don't want to regret it.

is it so knotty to get a justifiably cheap small fluffy fat cute mammal!
Answers: Oh I love the sugar glider when I met my presently husband he had two of them, they be so cute and friendly because he had them since they be babies, he built a big, really big cage for them near 2x4s and chicken wire and made sure he have a lot of "pockets" within there for them to salt away in.oh they be so darling, they did surpass away but they were outdated by that time and no pet has every took the place of his beloved sugar gliders.

You may know how to find them cheaper and cheaper cages, look around within the news serious newspaper or on line and sort sure the breeder knows what their doing. We enjoy a lady down the street who raise them, that's where my hubbie get his.
before getting the sugar glider I would do alot of reading on gentle for them they can't get into here poop or pee like within there hose down or food alot of care

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