Allergic to my Rat?

Has anyone heard of mortal allergic to rats?
I have a roughly one year matured girl named Lily and formerly her I had 2 boys that be rescues named Boyd and Carter. I never have any problems with Boyd or Carter, but when I hold Lily I usually break out surrounded by a mild itchy rash on my arms. I hot hip bath or benadryl usually gets rid of it, but Ive never have this problem before.

It seem to be only when I tolerate her crawl on me, not when I just pet her. I never have problems with Boyd or Carter, but they be rather shy and I once in a while held them for long.
At first I thought maybe she have fleas or mites (Im allergic to fleas and get a similar impetuous from them) but she has categorically no sign of either. No dirt, no itching, so I amount it is me.

Is this common, or do I inevitability to maybe consider something else? And anyone know what I could be allergic to? Maybe her fur or dander or urine or what?
Answers: It's pretty adjectives to be allergic to rats. I have have rats in yesteryear (only one at a time) and never had any problems. However, once I get a rat and she had babies, so I finished up with 8 rats. I be pretty allergic to them, especially when they crawled on me. My doctor wrote me a prescription for Zyrtec, which worked pretty well. You might want to consider getting a prescription allergy medication.

My mom told me that scientists that study rats almost other "end up" one allergic to them. They don't always start out allergic to rats, but apparently if you're around them long satisfactory, you are likely to develop an allergy.

I don't know if it's their dander or their urine or anything else, but it seem like Lily's scratch are making your allergies worse. You should wear a long sleeved shirt when you're playing with her, so that she doesn't chisel you as much. That might help. Also, mop up your hands when you're done playing beside her. That way you won't rub your eyes or something and attain rat allergens in your eyes. (I once get an infection by doing that. Whoops!)

Good luck!
No, it happens to me. Their lil nail penatrate in your arms are so small you can't even surface them but it irritates your skin. Normal.

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