2 question around my rats!?how come they never use their joystick? and red stuff around ones eye? gratefulness?

i got them a pedals but the only entity they do is sleep on it.
also when i had my rats out finishing night i notice howie had a moment or two red around his eye...is he ok? whats wrong? and how should i fix it?
Answers: hiya, rats do use wheel. its usually the girlies though. dont use the wheels next to the bars surrounded by which their tails can achieve stuck. get a "wodent wheel" these are made for rats and their long tail! and so the sizes are good.
i guess you own to introduce them at a young age and not adjectives rats are runners. howie sounds like a boy. and boys are indolent. saying that 2/3 of my boys run. and it took them weeks beforehand they learnt how to use it. same for my mouse.
the rats used to sleep surrounded by the wheel until one would try climb out and the pedals would turn!haha
just bequeath them time and a bit of "assistance"
as for the red, just wipe it :-)
I enjoy two rats and my rats are kept in a big cistern, so they get exercise on their own. and the red stuff around the eyes its probably in recent times like like peas in a pod thing similar to if u sleep a lot you cry surrounded by your sleep then that stuff forms over dark

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