An Animal Right's Activist's Worst Problem?

It's not about animals,but ANTS. I DON'T want to injure them, but there are thousands. They smelled my plate from dinner ultimate night and come. They won't stop coming, and I want them to go away Safely. Please, I hold a serious problem and I know it seems approaching a worthless question, but I entail help. Please move off any advice that may assist and I will promise to answer your questions, if i can. Plz relief.
Answers: I'm not exactly an animal rights activist however I have this problem with ants, tiny sugar ants. I lived within the house for two years, all the while trying everything suggested by others. I tried the "ants won't cross baking powder/soda, or comet", "they won't amble on bleach" they do and they did. I put all food surrounded by the refrigerator, and made sure no crumbs were moved out on the counter every night and did the treat diversion to distract them. Every morning the counter, floor, wall, you dub it.ants! I tried all the non-hazardous commercial ant remedies, as well as peoples suggestions some of which are mentioned on here by others. Here is how I finally get rid of the ants after two long, horrible ant fighting years...I moved! Sorry I really considered necessary to tell you some worthy way to rid yourself but honestly I tried everything except poison, and nil stopped my unwanted guests.
go to approaching home depo they have stuff you can row the outside of ur hosue tis not toxic but they wont come near it. u may enjoy to cathc or um despose the ones that are already in ur hosue

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