Any Ideas for games to play next to guinea pigs?

I have four guinea pigs which I love so much. I would approaching some games and activities that I can drill them to enjoy. I'd really appreciate the lend a hand!
Answers: try to get them out of in that cage as much as possible and put different things contained by the pen so they dont get bored.Since in that very inquesitive they will explore purely about anything so its entertaining for you and them!Another piece you could do is teach them trick approaching to turn in a circle or stand up for a treat.For instructions on how to edify it to turn in a circle be in motion to and type in guinea pig tricks and click on animal tricks! or something similar to that.It starts out with a ginger a white guinea pig and has great information on how to inculcate them how to do it.

I dont know if it would wokr but maybe bring out a pen of sand or shavings or litter and stick here favorite treats in it so they cant see them.See it they can find it.It be just a spurr of the momment thought lol!

Other games are hiding treats around in attendance pen, moving there furniture surrounded by there house around, or play dive on a trampoline or bed (be careful near that one).

Hope this helps!
my guinea pigs resembling to throw plastic spoons around?? lame, yes, fun, yes.

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