Are Yogies unpromising for my hamster?

Ok soooo I have to feminine Robo hamsters, and I know that they are at risk for diabetes. Are Yogies bad for them? The first to ingredients are hydrogendated corn syrup and sugar...

P.S. My hammies love them though!
Answers: No. they aren't accurate for your hamsters. Humans are the only animals that verbs to drink milk - specifically the milk of a different species - beyond babyhood. Not only do Yogies enjoy sugars in them, but yoghurt's crucial ingredient is milk. The milk in yogies is most probable cow's milk - which will contain a protein which hamsters haven't evolved to digest.

But despite everything I wrote, if you give them individual a small amount very seldom then it shouldn't hurt them. I consent to my hamsters have a tiny bit of yoghurt from time to time. :-)
I don`t know as a treat like once a month! motive thay have TONS of sugars contained by them!

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