My rat is so picky near food, what should I do?

I live in a third world country so I can't run to the store and buy rat food. My rat is so picky- I try everything, but she really wants to munch through just yogurt and bananas and as expected a sweet cracker if I'd always donate her one. I have seriously tried everything I can regard as of. She will eat tiny bits but later just not munch through much. She pees plenty, so she is drinking water. But I don't consider she is pooping nearly enough since she doesn't chomp through. What can I try?!?! Which raw vegetables are favorites? How around seeds and things? Do they close to those? Which ones? Remember that I don't have a pet store to turn to so I'll just hold to buy packets of seed myself.
Answers: Not having a fundamental diet to fall put a bet on on is tough. I would not focus on sunflower seeds or nuts alone, nearby is way too much protein surrounded by those to eat a bunch of every morning. There is some good info. on a great diet on, the correlation is below. A combination of rolled oats, flax seeds, barley, any of those types of sound for people foods usually work in good health. You could mix some of them into the yogurt for your stubborn girly. As for veggies, the rule is usually anything good for associates is good for ratties, so veggies close to broccoli, carrots, greens, etc. is righteous for them. Mine love squash seeds. The other article is that no healthy, powerfully balanced living creature will starve to disappearance if healthy food is provided, she will probably put away the other food if the sweeties are taken away for awhile. Maybe she is pulling your strings and guilting you into giving her food that is not appropriate for her! Be strong! :0) Good luck!
Sunflower seeds. My girls break them friendly and eat the seed... They seem to love them, it's contained by the mix I buy at the pet store but I'm sure you can find those alone.

I've never had a picky rat... Good luck!
There's not really any set index of things rats do or don't like. If you can find anything close to hamster or rabbit food, that will do just fine for a rat as powerfully. Otherwise, things like sunflower seed, "healthy" cereal (corn flakes, etc.--things that aren't sugary or frosted), crackers, carrots, peas, corn.. you'll really merely have to consent to her try different things and see what she likes. It's best though to endow with a mixture of things, instead of just resembling a bowl of carrots or cereal.

There's not much that's fruitless for a rat, aside from the obvious: lots of sugar, chocolate, or freshly oily or sick foods in common. Also be mindful of feeding her crackers or bread or anything that swells up when damp, because rats tend to eat expeditious and too much of that sort of thing can donate them a tummyache.

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