Allergic to rat wee - sustain ??

last time i get 2 rats my mum was allergic to their wee. We know it wasnt the fur because she be fine handling them etc.
Any ideas on what to do because i really want rats again but she lately says no!
Answers: Urine breaks down into amonia. Are you positive that it's the urine that she is allergic to? There's amonia from our own urine as ably. Have you ruled out the possiblity that she is allergic to the bedding? Or other things? A good doctor should know how to tell her exactly what the make happen of the allergys is. Good luck!
Rat urine carries weills disease.You must research the proper fastidiousness and do,s and don,ts.They make excellent pets,but,similar to everything else,carry their own problems and danger.

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