Broken leg for rat?

I'm not sure what my rat has done. But adjectives of a sudden he's refusing to use his vanished leg even put the slightest weight on it. He's cleaning, and climbing up the side of his shut within and even eating beside one leg. I don't have a small round up and I've taken all the level out of the three-story cage but he's still moving. It's stiff and swollen, he's also licking it seriously. Brushing the joint seem to hurt a lot. I don't know what to do.

I've call 5 vet clinics and they all don't own someone who treats rats in until 4 days subsequently. And I don't have transport for a vet three hours away. I'm incredibly concerned. Any assist?

Thanks. :)
Answers: I'm not a vet, so take that as you will, but this is what I would do if I be in your situation.

Keep a close eye on the leg to kind sure it doesn't get worse. Try taking some pictures of it near a digital camera if possible for comparison. Carefully, because he might be for a time ill temper if his leg is bothering him, try to put a splint on the leg. Anything straight, maybe approaching half a popsical stick, should work. Use gauze or medical cassette to attach the stick next to the leg. This is used as first aid contained by humans to keep the leg from moving and preventing further injury, so my assumption is that rat anatomy is not so different that this would be unhygienic. You might need someone to give support to you hold the rat while you apply the splint.

Maybe add for a moment (very little!) bit of calcium supplement to his food. I know in humans the cell responsible for rebuilding bones use calcium, and a supplement is suspected of helping.

Just keep checking that leg out and seeing the progress that's made beside it. Good luck!
If he's moving around, eating, and drinking, later chances are that it isn't a serious problem.

Many small animals can capture along fine with three legs as long as they enjoy no need to escape predators. Setting broken limb on small animals is difficult, and sometimes it is better to let them treat on their own as long as it's a neat break and not a baggage of jagged bone adjectives into muscle or skin. (x-ray suggested to be sure)

Unless he stops eating/drinking, he should be able to continue out the four days for a vet who is familiar beside rodents to confirm if it is broken or not. If it's just a sprain, he should start using the leg again in a day or two.
Humm, I've never hear of such a thing! Maybe his leg is purely irritated. Because he is eating, drinking, and exercising. Good Luck!

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