A hamster's tail?

My hamster had some poo stuck on it's bum, and i be told to wipe it away with a wipe but when I tried to it be hard and didn't come past its sell-by date! Is this poo or it's tail? It was long, not furry and lightish brown but I thought hamsters have fluffy tails. I'm really confused...gratitude
Answers: I have have many, lots hamsters, and i have run into this problem alot. There are 2 possibilities, one, your hamster in recent times sat hindmost in his poop, or he could enjoy a virus called damp tail. Wet tail is very death-defying, it can be fatal, the symptoms are, poop get stuck to their bottom, they have diarrhea, they sleep alot more consequently they usually do, and they dont eat as much. If your hamster have wet tail, you want to go to Petco and buy tablets call Dry Tail, these dissolve in your hamsters hose down and will help him win better, you also need to provide him a small bowl of pumpkin pie mix, the kind you buy within a can, this will help stop the diarrhea. If you dont want to run to 2 diff places you can also mix 50/50 portion of pedialite, the non flavored benevolent, and water. You entail to get on it right away, it can be vicious within 24 hours, 48 at the most.
Hamsters tail a pale pink color, and they are out!!!
I hope this info helps!
My hampsters poop is outstandingly small, and a dark brown. So possibly not?

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