Are cedar shavings doomed to failure for a guinea pig?

My friend told me that cedar shavings are bad for guinea pigs and I be wondering if anybody knew if this be true or not? I have one guinea pig and he have a white gooey substance coming from his anus, she says the cedar shavings are cause this. I have tried by gentley removing some of the goo near q tips, but it has not gone away completely... So does anybody know if the cedar shavings are cause this? And if so, what can I replace them with?
Answers: Any type of wood shavings should NOT be used near guinea pigs. Use recycled paper bedding (like carefresh).

"These softwood shavings smell nice due to the volatile compounds (e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols) that are given sour. Unfortunately these compounds have be implicated as a potential health risk, especially beside regards to respiratory problems (asthma, inflammation, allergic responses) and change in the liver"

I suggest getting your guinea pig to the vet for the gooey substance.
yes they are, they can receive them sneeze and they get itchy. Aspen are TH BEST and pine is obedient to. u souln't use any more cedar

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