Bunny bloated stomache request for information?

i have a two month antiquated dwarf bunny and she has a bloated stomache i only adopted her and i dunno if its podginess or some kind of sickness or drought of a specific vegetable coz she was on a seed diet before she didnt munch through veggies at all but very soon im starting to give her veggies
Answers: Take her to the vet to gain checked out.
If you haven't already, take her to a rabbit savvy vet. A dog/cat vet is not ample, you need a vet who know rabbits. Check your phone book for exotic vets.
Put her on a pellet and hay diet. Don't but pellet with any other bits within it, no seeds or veggie bits. Hay should be alfalfa for presently and timothy when she is about 6 months. Some timothy very soon may help too.
Don't furnish any fruits or veggies until she is 3 or 4 months, and introduce one at a time. Cilantro and Parsley are good veggies to start beside.
Right now adjectives she should be eating is pellet and hay. The pellets stipulation lots of fibre, at least possible 18% and less than 16% protien. She should hold unlimited amounts of pellets and hay unitl nearly 6 months, then cut-off date pellets and still make available lots of hay. She also needs hose. A bowl is a good perception but a bottle can work.
She will need to see a rabbit savvy vet to construct sure she is healthy and to sort sure she is a girl. A vet can also tell if within are problems with her GI tract and teeth.
Good Luck near your new bunny.
Tere is a fortune that she coulkd have an alergy definatly bring her to the vet.

srry i dont know much about bunnys.
Shes probbly pregnate

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