Are Soybeans dutiful for Hamsters?

Are soybeans fit for a hamster diet? Does it negatively affect them? Does it affect their weight?

I'll award "best answer" to whoever provides proof or a valid sounding answer... not basically hearsay.

For reference, my hamster is a "panda hamster".
Answers: Panda hamster? Um.. is that their coloring? I'm going to assume you indicate Syrian hamster.

Yes, they can have soybeans. Unsalted, roasted.
This is an excellent intermingle of all the food your hamster can and cannot munch through. It will also explain how to introduce new foods.
I'm not too sure if its honourable for them...I've had tons of hammies and never feed them Soybeans. I wouldn't take the risk if I didn't know. You can nurture it other veggies and fruits though.

-Apple Slices
My dwarf hammy has be known to close to a soybean or two once in a while. He seem to really like them, and I'm sure they aren't more than ever bad for them.

It's entertaining to monitor hammys eat them.. they other fall out of my hammys cheek pouches due to their round shape... hysterical! xP
My hamster loves apples and carrots.

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