Books on breeding syrian hamsters?

I'm planning on breeding my Syrian hamsters(don't worry I enjoy WAY more than enough race who will give them homes)and I want to do some research on it first, the internet isn't really answering adjectives my questions and facts differ from site to site. So does anyone know any books that hold alot of info about breeding? Thanks alot!! ;D
Answers: Well, here is some info. more or less breeding Syrains, that will hopefully answer your questions!

A Note About Breeding: Breeding your hamster is not a decree to make weakly and you absolutely must consider what you will do next to any babies that result. Most pet stores have established suppliers already and within is no shortage of hamsters available. You should also carefully consider the temperament and vigour of the hamsters you are breeding. The information here may be helpful if you find yourself next to a pregnant female by quirk, or perhaps from the pet store.
Age of Sexual Maturity: Syrian hamsters may arrive at sexual maturity as rash as 4-5 weeks of age. However, females should not be bred for the first time until they are closer to 4 months old (males can be bred by 2-3 months of age). They should not be bred for the first time after 6 months of age, however.
Estrus Cycle: Female hamsters come into estrus (heat) every 4 days or so (this is the time they will be fertile and reactive to a male).
Length of Pregnancy: The gestation period of syrian hamsters is 16-18 days (average is 16 days)
Litter Size: Litter size is relatively variable, but typically within are 5-10 pups per litter (litters of over 20 have be reported).
Age of Weaning: Syrian hamsters can be weaned at 21 days; this is a good age to separate manly pups from the female pups.

Here are some books I recommend:
Hamsters (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Otto Von Frisch

Hamsters For Dummies(R) (For Dummies) (Paperback)
by Sarah Montague

Care for Your Hamster (RSPCA Pet Guides) (Paperback)

Hamsterlopaedia (Paperback)
by Chris Logsdail (Author), Pete Logsdail (Author), Kave Hovers (Author)

The Hamster Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks) (Paperback)
by Patricia Bartlett
First of adjectives, there are books contained by pet stores and info on the web. But I want to mention, you may enjoy WAY more than enough populace who SAY they will take them very soon, but what about once those citizens get their exotic hamsters from you? Then, how many nation will take more?

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