Bread for dwarf hamster?

I have a dwarf hammy, and I'm wondering how much bread I can nurture him, as I've made him a treat with a massive content of bread, which I have paste...

2 pieces of white bread
small carrots
plain yogurt
First you put some plain yogurt and honey in a bowl mix it up. Then
chop the bread contained by to halves and spread a little of the honey and yogurt
mixture on the bread. Then put the carrot surrounded by the bread and roll it up and
put some more of the honey and yogurt on the top of the bread the roll it
in seed. Bake it until it is a little brown purloin it out and give it to your little
furry friend.

Anyways, how much bread should a hammy enjoy?
Answers: NO honey for dwarf hamsters!! They are extremely prone to diabetes, they should never have anything elevated in sugar!
Dwarf hamsters should never put away fruit, corn, carrots, peas, or anything containing profoundly of sugar.

I sometimes will give my hamster some toasted bread crust, merely a little bit. Hold him while he's consumption it, so he wont stuff it in his cheek and fur it in his enclose.
My hamster is a syrian, and wouldn't feed your little treat you cause. It's too high surrounded by sugars.

This link will hand over you a better idea of foods they can, and cannot put away.
I have a hamster to Yogi don't nurture him tons of bread he will get sick!

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