Any tips on litter training a rat?

I've read a lot roughly speaking it and it does not sound too rock-hard. You just entail to put some sort of litter that is different from the rest of the shut within in a box and verbs to put her stool in it right? (The rest of the hold would be comfy towels and stuff) And if she is seen going somewhere else you a short time ago put her back within the box..? Also what about when she is out of the shut within? Does she need a litter box set up where on earth she is (b/c that would make sense). Also what type of litter would you recommend, I be thinking about putting any carefresh or yesturday's news surrounded by the box. How thick should it be? Thanks.. :)

Picture of my infant:
Answers: Some rats litter train easily. Some don't. Some turn in one corner adjectives of the time. Some don't. Mine are part of those that don't fit into the average rat category. Just in valise yours ends up in equal category, I'll go ahead and agree to you know what I have done.

My rats poo whenever the thought hits them. If that means they are within the middle of a bound over the couch, so be it. Out it flies. They have since stopped using the couch as a pooing nouns, but that was the first few months I have them. Now they poo in the enclose while doing whatever. There is no "poo stance" that I can find. Some individuals can communicate when theirs are ready to dance. Mine don't do this.

It was a nightmare to potty train them and I followed the dapper rat instructions as best I could. The problem for me be moving them into the litter box on the off fortune I found them pooing outside of the box. That was impossible when to go and get to the girls, I had to interested up the crazy cage door and by the time I get it opened she'd own finished or bolted for her home because a giant hand be coming her way.

They have no specific corner they went within. They went surrounded by all but the food corner. That's when I read an article that said they largely won't poo in one and the same corner as their water, food or housing (not true btw- mine pood astern their house constantly). So, I put the water bottle within one corner, a grass ball home contained by another corner (got rid of the wooden colorful home I had due to its size and the wood soaking up the urine smell) and their food within another with the litter box surrounded by the remaining corner. Then I grabbed the biggest ferret litter box I could find and put some Kaytee brand smelly litter (mint or lavender- the rose smell made me ill) contained by it, crossed my fingers and prayed. I used YN for the bedding. They took to it almost immediately. I very soon have far more poop within the litter box than the rest of the cage. They don't poo contained by the grass ball corner, nor do they poo contained by the food corner. The water bottle corner tend to be a toss-up. But, the more poo in the litter box routine less cleaning for me.

So ultimately what worked for me be simply putting Kaytee smelly litter bedding in the litter box and making sure the litter box be large plenty for them. I think the combo of the smell and the different texture clued them surrounded by.

As for outside of the cage- when they are babies, every twenty minutes or so let her stern in the pen to do her business. When she is grown, she will be able to hold it for an hour or so and you won't call for to worry. It would be fine to lately bring the litter box out with you when they are out so they can turn. Mine like to play surrounded by it when it's outside their cage *sigh*. So I lately make sure to any have the enclose on the floor so they can run in when they requirement to go, or I newly put them back after an hour.

Also, rats do FAR better as a couple. Please get your rat a friend. A same sex litter mate is best. If you cannot devote 4 plus hours a sunshine to your rat, she will be lonely. Another rat is no harder to care for and she will live a happier, more fulfilled near a friend. (

Good luck =)
The best was is to adopt a feral, adult cat to attain rid of the discusting rat droppings left by a obnoxious rat, by getting rid of the rat.

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