Are nearby any home made recipe to bring in respectable bunny treats ?

Answers: I make a rabbit cookie type regard as. It's really easy.
You stipulation a blender or coffee grinder.

Step 1
Grind up about 1/3 cup or pellet, hay, and oats.
You can use the pellet dust at the bottom or a bag, same beside hay.

Step 2
You need some sort of dais. Fruit or vegetable works well. I use apple sauce or fruit cups. Baby food can also work.
If you are using fresh, pulp it into a pulp.

Step 3
Mix all ingredients surrounded by a bowl. it should be fairly tacky. Spread it on to a cookie sheet. Parchment paper is better than aluminium foil, you can also newly use an empty tray.
I approaching to add some oats on top to minister to absorb any extra soft.

Step 4
Bake at 350*F for about 40min. Flip over partly way. Let them cool surrounded by the oven. Store in a plastic pod or container.
mix honey and peanut butter togeather with the regular dry food

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