Scared of my rabbit?

My boyfriend just bought me a floppy eared rabbit. Apparently she requests to get spayed so they told us that she may be for a time agressive. She bit me the first day we have her. I am scared to hold her to open with, and very soon I am terrified. I know nought about them. I know she wishes excercise and I want to let her out but I am alarmed to even reach into her shut within. When I do hold her, she scratches and jump out of my arms. I don't want her to hurt herself. How can I hold her or stop being so afraid short getting my arm bitten off. I can't of late let her roam free any cause I own two big dogs. Any advice on how to give somebody a lift care of a rabbit...starting beside the basics really...?
Answers: I don't know much, enjoy handled a few as a pet adoption light of day volunteer. Those strong hind legs kind of startle me too..
They don't like hand coming down toward them. They are prey for everything and they know it, genetically. It's best to approach them from their eye level and slightly past its sell-by date to one side so they can see you.
Two good websites, one from the House rabbit society and one from the Humane Society of the United states; and
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