Are lasting types of rats smarter or sweeter than others?

Like male/female, colors, dumbo eared etc.?

Thanks to answers!
Answers: Usually female rats are more busy and playfuk than males, but males love to be petted and kissed. it all depends on what you prefer. Not to influence there aren't males that are completely active and females that resembling to be petted. The type of coloring or coat doesn't affect the way the exploit either. It doesn't business what you get though, because you'll find they are adjectives sweet and smart in different ways!
I've have Dumbo, hairless, manly, female, etc.

Only differences I've notice are gender-wise. Females, although social, are very hearty and prefer to run around exploring than sit with you.
Males are ''lazier'' and are usually content next to just 'floppy out'.

Personally, I like the males better, due to that.
Animals are unpredictable and freshly like general public, each have their own personality. In animals it's call temperment. In my experience(that's a lot), I have found that it is other different. Each animal is an individual and no two are alike in self-esteem. You must be patient and earn the trust of the animal. It's sometimes easier said than done work, but in the completion the rewards are worth the effort. Good luck and hope that help..


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