Looking for a righteous enclose for a syrian hamsters?

i am going to get a syrian hamster. would similar to to find a cage to be exact not too expensive, i can find it in a store, it is pretty big, and my hamster can't jump down off a rank and hurt himself. please let me know any cage that is close to any of the merits i have planned
Answers: The best, and most inexpensive cages are sterilite bins.
Many individuals, including myself, convert bins into hamster cages.
It's deeply easy. I don't cogitate I've spent more than $20 on making these cages. They can be made HUGE, as economically.
These are the best instructions on how-tos:
Some big brands such as Rotostak probably would not be suitable, but at hand are cages from small companies found at pet shops. They are usually wired cage (good ventilation) don't have too tons platforms and they can come in rather big sizes. The price usually ranges from lb15-lb30 (I'm not sure in dollars).

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