Another First Gerbil Question?

You may have read my first examine but I need some more help out. Whenever I let him out contained by the open contained by my room he is fine at first but about 10 minutes he get really skiddish and bolts away from your when he is normally without fault comfortable with it. Also, I get the Critter Trail X but I'm wondering if it's too small for a full grown male gerbil, He doesn't give the impression of being to like to progress through the tunnels up to the petting zone. The way up to his running gearstick has a spiral slide and a short vertical tube and is class of confined. so he might be too scared to walk up there. Is in attendance a way to procure him to learn to walk up there or should I purchase a bigger pen and buy a wheel?
Answers: Crittertrails and similar cage with a bunch of tubes isn't the best for gerbils. Gerbils love the verbs, and plastic is hard to verbs. The urine soaks into it and the smell gets horrible after a while. I importantly recommend you switch him to a 10 gallon aquarium with a secured rope mesh lid. Gerbils usually don't enjoy those tubes and slides. He'll be much happier beside a tank next to a wheel and at tiniest 3 inches of bedding. Have you thought about introducing another gerbil to him? Gerbils are awfully social and should be kept in at lowest pairs, unless they really don't enjoy living next to another gerbil. If you do happen to carry another one and want to house it with your current one, be sure to read up on the split hold method.

As for him being skittish after 10 minutes, I've never hear of that but I'm sure other people hold had it come to pass to them. Maybe a play pen would be better. Having full run of a room can be a little dicey, especially if there are holes or tons of stuff on the floor. A play pen will allow him room to run around, but you're competent to supervise him a lot better.

Just be enormously patient.
a track to get him up here, is food, if you put some food, he'll come up and be like "OH! food." but next to the cage size, ask a vet or someone who works at the pet store.

they will know alot something like it,
Just give him some time to acquire use to it, it took my 2 a while before they started using the tubes and pedals!

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