My guinea pig be stuck to a toilet roll??

I got a shock when i come home yesterday late at dark. Mum says that the white guinea pig have been at the hidey house adjectives day, so i took away the hidey house to look at both of them(white and brown). To my horror, it's lead and part of it's body be stuck to the toilet roll! It walked a limp a little bit slowly after i took it out, and it's ears be read. Should i go to the vet?? What else should i do??
Answers: Dear Hannah,

I enjoy a guinea pig too and he is about a year and partly. I have give him toilet roll to play or chew, but he never tried to go inside of toilet roll. Your piggies are must be still little one to go into the toilet roll.

Keep his/her ears verbs and keep your eyes on him/her. If he/she does not look average next week, consequently contact the small animal vet.

Don't give the toilet rolls to them any more, instead bequeath them empty boxes that big ample to them to hide.
They love to secrete. Take care!
how melancholic..take it to a vet

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