So we bought 2 bunnies thinking they were both males but they done up being a girl and a boy so they done up having babies.
We kept one, but simply if it was a girl so we didn't enjoy anymore babies(we nutered the father) so we kept one, and I found out that it was a boy, abet, my father said he would give it away if it be a boy!
Answers: keep it contained by a seperate cage beside the father until it is old ample to be neutered, so the mother doesnt get hold of lonely, allow it to have a few hours a time with the father and play next to her lots cause she wont hold anyone else to play with
i also enjoy bunnies and i also though they were both boys but terminated up being boy and girl and we kept some of the babies.. basically convince your dad that you can get another round up to keep this infant in. I did matching with my rabbits. so adjectives you have to do is convince your dad to consent to you get another enclose.

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