Baby pasture mouse pet?

I found a couple of tiny baby area mice in my roo. They're so small, can't be more than a few weeks behind the times. It's eyes have probably purely recently open, and it was born contained by my room, never seen the outside. Could it still hold diseases, could i keep it as a pet.
Answers: Extremely difficult for them to survive long when they are this young at heart... they need a mum really. About the one and only thing I can ponder of is to put them with a surrogate mouse mum who already have an incomplete set of babies, but she may still reject them.

Don't worry going on for diseases - other than fleas, they're significantly unlikely to have anything wrong next to them.

Tough one. You could try feeding them the richest blend of human babe milk with an eye dropper - it's worth a try, and will have need of a lot of restraint. You'll have to be mum to them.

I don't know if they could be pets - possibly. Try it.
"You have a roo?!!"

Oh, I'd stir to a vet or a pet shop and ask a pro.
Any wild mouse could be carrying a disease. It would be best to not hold on to them and to just consent to them go outside. They should be capable of look after themselves (they have instincts). It is better to be undisruptive than sorry. You wouldn't want to get sick from them.

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