AHH crazy hamster!?

Haha now that I own your attention, When a hamster is looking up at you with his foot up against the cage wall, do you come up with hes saying 'Pick me up you dummy!!"?

Just wondering. What is the funniest point YOUR hamster has done?
Answers: Haha.. Good One.. It did go and get my attention. :]
Umm.. That may be the case :/ Lol.. Not sure thoughh.. ?
Id basically pick it up anyway. :]
And the craziest thing my hamster have done is that he does monkey bars across the top of the pen, and once when he was doing this, my cat tried to procure him, but he just attacted her snout, her nose be cut and there be blood all over the top of the round up, Lol, i have a brave hamster. :]
I reckon he's thinking give me some food.

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