Another guinea pig press why does my guinea pig bite and chew on her round up?

she also is shy most of the time. Is there a opening to get her out of this or is this typical for a guinea pig .
Answers: No, this is not normal, and not a right thing.
If her coop is a commercial cage, it's too small and she's bored. Guinea pigs entail atleast 7.5 sqft per pig.
Does she get free inventory in a piggy-proofed nouns for more than one hour a day?
Does she enjoy a same sex cage mate? Guinea pigs are group animals and need to be housed within pairs or lareger herds.
Does she own hidey houses, and a constant supply of grass hay? Guinea pigs need grass 24/7 to wear down their molars and for their digestive tract.

This issue is reflecting rear on how you're housing, feeding, and civilized for her.
This website explains adequate housing:

This knit explains their dietary needs:

This cooperation explains the importance of companionship, and other how-tos:

Sorry to nouns harsh, but I'm freshly stating the facts.
If you're providing all of these things, and she continues doing this, afterwards theres something wrong and I advise seeing an exotics veterinarian.
She is BORED embezzle her out for a bit and see wat happens.

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