Calling adjectives guinea pig moms and dads!?

How many piggies do you enjoy? What are their names? What are their personality like?
Answers: I enjoy 17.

Mr. Jones- The patriarch pig. Very dominant.
Mr. Smith- More submissive, but is Mr. Jones' buddy.
Romeo-Hates to be petted.
Toby-Inquisitive & friendly.
Lefty-Shy, but comes around quickly.
Andy-Playful & friendly.
Pancho-Domineering. A little bully.
Oliver-Hates to be picked up or petted. Independent.
Rosaline-Shy, but predisposed to be petted.
Coral-Scared of herself & anything that looks her way.
Phoebe-Shy & skittish.
Bubbles-Very friendly, loves petting, & playful.
Sunshine-Domineering, but skittish when handle.
Sofia-Shy & submissive.
Chula-Skittish & doesn't want to be handled.
Scarlett-Friendly, but matronly. Doesn't resembling to play.
Chilli-Sweet & loves petting. Likes to chew Chula's long hair.
none \

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