Ahhhhhh! Going away, have need of gerbil counsel!?

We are going away on friday and probably won't be back until sunday dark and then going away the next afternoon again for two days. I have gerbil that I basically got closing saturday (It's Monday today) so I really haven't had him for that long. Do you judge if I give him extra food and verbs everything before we walk off he'll be okay? He just started getting train with me and I don't want him to bring back mean if I don't tender him interaction for a couple days if I do leave him. I also enjoy a great friend who has have three rats in his natural life time and would probably be fine with taking effort of him. Should I leave him for a couple days to settle contained by more to his new house or consent to my friend take contemplation of him for a few days?(My friend was near when I got the gerbil so he know his scent and his rats are dead so near would be no fighting)
Answers: I would say that you should unquestionably just give notice him home and make sure he have a clean enclose and just adequate food and water. When you return formerly leaving again, double check his food and wet. He will probably have buried most of his food, so I wouldn't include too much more. Gerbils will overeat, so be careful. Gerbils are also desert animals so he should be okay even if he runs out of hose down. Allowing someone to watch him would probably be okay, but I would merely do this if you were going to be gone longer, especially near him being spanking new. Good luck.
I would just give up some extra food in for him and verbs his cage formerly you leave. Every time my parents and I dance camping I be off some extra food and clean my hamsters enclose before we give up your job and she has other been fine everytime.

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