Adopting a Guinea Pig, What do I look For?

In adopting a guinea pig, what am I supposed to look for. Adopting as surrounded by From a rescue thing. Are they already fighting fit inside of a rescue shelter? Or are they unhealthy and thats why they are surrounded by the shelter. Can I trust them for determining the gender of the Cavy?
Answers: Good for you adopt from a shelter.

Shelter folks generally lift very moral care of the animals, making sure they are decent and happy since adoption, and are very righteous at determining gender.

How to pick a appropriate shelter:
Cleanliness. It shouldn't smell strongly of waste. You should know how to smell hay.
Cages. They should be big enough and not over crowded
Health. If you see even 1 sick animal, give up your job. Sick animals should be seperated from well ones and out of public picture.

How to pick a good pet:
Talk to the shelter attendants. They spend lots of time beside the animals and can show you a great pet.
Spend time. You don't have to pick one on the first trip. Sit a while, "tip out in love" near one (or 2) of them.

Signs of good vigour:
Look here:
Lots of info on GP's and how to care for them. They hold ideas for toys and a phenomenon idea for cage.

Good luck.
Is it a guinea pig specific rescue? If so, I would put my trust into them that the gender is correct, and that the guinea pig be provided proper medical care if/when needed.

Either method, you should always set up an appointment next to your local vet to evaluate your newly adopt companion. If something is wrong, you could always contact the rescue and permit them know (they may offer to assistance with the medical bills).
Usually when an animal is surrounded by a shelter, the number one reason throughout the country is because the owners have to move. And for some reason ancestors are convinced that animals can't cross state lines.
Anyway, you can find really great animals in shelters. I volunteer at a shelter and adjectives the animals there are so sweet and fun and I will I could take them adjectives home.
As far as guinea pigs go, ask to hold it first. When you do, can you surface it's bones/rib cages really well? If so that mean one of two things - it's deeply young, or it's thin. If it's an older one, don't win it. If it's young, you should be okay.
Also, does it hold flaky, dry skin? There shouldn't be any sort of flakes or anything left on your arms/hands after holding it. If so, it have a skin problem/infection and you should not get it.
And as you would expect, don't get one that have extra mucus around eyes or mouth, has crusty eyes, or showery tail (diarrhea).
A website that you can adopt homeless pets from is
Sometimes you can find the most gorgeous pets on there. There is a albino ferret by the mark of Sampson that I am considering adopting.
Good luck finding your guinea pig, and enjoy fun. Don't forget to do plenty of research on them before you bring one, as they need a immensely special diet, among other things.
a clean dutiful smelling shelter where most guinea pigs especially the one you pick have/are:
-clean non gooky/crusty eyes and muzzle
-shiny , not greasy or dull coat
-not overly skittish (you can get some to quiet over time but if it is exceedingly skittish then don't find it)
-dont bite, nibbling and licking is fine but not aggressive biting
Depending of the age of the cavy determining sexual characteristics cna be hard, it is advise not to check until it is a few months old.ask them to show you if it is a boy or girl and detail you why, they should be confident in their culture. they might be in a rescue shelter because their owner moved into an apartment that didnt alllow pets or they go to a retirement home, using the tips above determine if it is healthy.
Hope i help piggies are a great pet!

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