Baby hamsters?

my hamster just have babies and i want 2 know about how outmoded they are. theyre eyes aint open however and they have for a moment fur...can anybody help? and also how ripened do they have to be in the past i can take them from the mom?
Answers: even though you didn't specifcy, it is the around same times for both dwarfs and syrians, syrians may take more time to grow later the dwarfs, but don't go below the time length i said to cage them seperatly, the with the sole purpose main difference syrians and dwarfs is that after man 2 months old, syrians should be caged seperately to avoid conflict

if their eyes aren't unstop yet, and they hold close to no fur, i would estimate that they are less than 6 days ripened

look at their noses, do they own whiskers? if they have whiskers, afterwards they are anywhere from 3-6 days old, but if they do not nonetheless have whiskers, consequently they are under 3 days feeble

once they are 14 days old, you can finally hold them and verbs out the cage, although they should still be caged near their mother still

day 18 they will be weaned, and if you don't want any more pups, afterwards cage the males contained by one cage and the females surrounded by another, heres how to determine the gender:

at 4-5 weeks ancient they can be given away
just ask the vet...
she'll know what 2 do...

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