Are you supposed to verbs a hamster,How recurrently?How normally should I verbs her enclose out?

Do you think it would be ok to take another girl hamster, if I already have one?
Answers: you are NEVER supposed to go swimming your hamsters with river, it will give them chills, and they can die from this, hamsters are remarkably clean animals anyway, and you will see her almost other grooming herself, if one day her fur seem extremely oily or greasy, afterwards you can give her a chinchilla SAND hip bath, not dust because it will cause respiratory problems, but it is usually never even needed by the hamster

the round up should be cleaned out every week, for hygine reasons don't consent to it go previous that, it may not smell yet, but the poor hamster is living contained by its own filth, so every week is sufficent, if you become aware of that the cage smells VERY bleak before the week is up, after by all routine, clean it out precipitate, the cage will find urine build up on the sides on the cage, and you should in fact wash it out around every month with dish soap, fashion sure you completely rinse it out and dry it before you put the bedding contained by the cage, i merely would like to incorporate that you should change the marine every day too

it depends on the type of hamster you enjoy if you can get another, if you hold a syrian hamster (the big ones, about 5-8 inches) afterwards you can not get a second hamster, syrians are terriotrial and will combat to the death if they enjoy a cage mate, even if they are enormously nice, you can't cage them together, the solely way you can capture a second is if you put it in a seperate coop

dwarfs hamsters (the smaller ones, 3-4 inches) can have a round up mate, it is better though if it was from duplicate litter, but just because the can hold a cage mate, doesn't miserable that they will always receive along, if you hamster is somewhat mean, don't seize a friend because it is likely they will punch-up, if she is very sweet, consequently you can get another hamster, if though you enjoy some questions on how to introduce them to eachother, i find this site fairly helpful:

also lately to add, they probably will play brawl ftom time to time, but if you seeing actual fighting (blood, brusing, ripped out fur, limping, ect) after the hamsters must be seperated imediatly, and they can not be recaged together, also if one of them is sick and the other isn't, seperate them so the healthy hamster doesn't seize sick
no you should not clean a hamster, they verbs themselfs!

You should clean near cage almost 1 or 2 times a week to keep it verbs, or however long you think it take to change the shavings!

It would be apt to get another feminine, it would keep the one you own now company, and it would not acquire pregnant lol

Just keep an eye on the 2 for a littl while especially at dark to make sure near not going to fight if you do deside to find another one!

Good luck!
No you dont have to verbs your hamster, she will groom herself, in certainty you will notice she will spend reasonably a lot of time doing it when she get up in the evening. Clean her pen out once a week removing everything, washing coop with a small animal disinfectant [ available from adjectives pet stores ] rinsing and drying well. In the meantime put your girl contained by a secure place, perchance a seperate box, cardboard or plastic, that you can put toys in and a treat for her to find...this will hang on to her busy and entertained when you are cleaning. Still keep hold of an eye on her, they are great at escaping! Also just embezzle out her wet bedding day after day and wash out her reins if she wees in that similar to mine do! Do not get another hamster especially if you hamster is a immense hamster ie a syrian or teddybear. The reason is they are solitary animals that after six weeks matured get territorial, never attach another hamster. Even with dwarf hamsters they can be housed together but really single if they are the same sex siblings and are bought can be complex to introduce them later on as they can procure territorial after a while on their own. Dont worry nearly your girl being lonely, as long as you donate her a good gearstick, plenty of space,and a variety of toys, plus your attention she will be fine. Good luck near her.

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