Any Hamster Tips?

I'm getting a hamster and was wondering, is here anything I should know(ex. dont feed them citrus fruits) Thanks
Answers: Here are some tips nearly hamsters.

For you future hamster owners, if you're going to buy a hamster, turn in the evening time a bit then the afternoon. They are more promising to be awake and active.

Be cagey to keep your hamster away from houseplants. Most are poisonous and if the hamster nibbles on them, it could be severly sick.

A great tip from Rea is if your hamster have a multi-level wire shut within, you could get sticky polystyrene sheets to put over the wire floors. It's non-toxic, pretty cheep, and it can be bought at your local hardware store. It is a white concrete plastic about 3mm or 1/8 inch gooey and is very undemanding to cut with a foot saw or a ban-saw. I personally guess this is a great idea because these sheets may in truth encourage your hamster to use the other floors besides the bottom floor.

Picking up a hamster by the scruff of its nouns is a wrong way to toy with a hamster. Hamster babies were picked up this path only by their mothers. Adult hamsters usually protest anyone handled close to that and could indeed squirt some urine. Instead, support the hamster by cupping your hands together (making sure it can't squirm its passageway out) or if your hands are big adequate you can hold it with one foot but make sure you hold the right touch and also support the bottom by the other hand.

If you desire to put your hamster in a room next to the door closed, they may still be able to crawl lower than the door. Put an old towel down by the bottom of the door (and I bring to light the word old because your hamster might budge potty on it or chew it) so they can't get out.

If your hamster is competent to roam around a closed room, make sure it can't realize wires or even clothing material for gnaw on. Also watch out so it can't be squished any by your foot, or by a door. (I'd recommend a hamster ball instead.)

If a hamster bites, it is strongly urged that you place the hamster down considerately as possible. You do not want a reaction (by you) that could seriously hurt the hamster. Perhaps at hand was a righteous reason why it nip you. Either it was human being held improperly, or the smell of food on your hand could of caused the bite or nip. If the bite is severe and starts to bleed, disinfect it beside some iodine or some other disinfecting medication. If it still swells up, consult a doctor.

If your hamster escapes, be sure to trap it by closing all doors thoroughly. Than grab some sunflower seed and place them in the center of respectively room (Remember to know the amount of sunflower seeds placed). Within a hour nearby could be some seeds missing or eat in a room. Now you know where on earth your target is and finding it shouldn't be as hard.
i wouldnt find a plastic cage bc mine own always chewed through it. Get the kindly with the metal bar.

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