4 womanly rats chewing and pen size(Now & Future)?

I asked this question the other year, but I'm still confused. They really don't chew on hard plastic. Their ages reach form 3-8 weeks. (the baby be from a "feed bin" and is on formula) Does the chewing gain worse as they age? I really like this round up:
But everyone says that they're going to chomp through the bottom. Would they really do this if they don't chew on the similar plastic bottom of the cage their contained by now?
Also everyone keep recommending the The Rat Skyscraper (R-695):
But I really don't approaching it, it looks like it would not be fun or comfy for them.
What would you recommend for them even if it is a completely different round up?
Also right now they are really small and I'm trying to digit out what to house them in until they are big adequate so they cannot fit through the bars of an full-size cage? (I would never use an aquarium).
Answers: My girls also escaped from 1" tavern spacing like it be nothing. Even when they be almost fully grown they could squeeze out. Might be a different story with boys, but since we both own girls I really wouldn't recommend it. I ended up wrapping that hold in hardware cloth from Home Depot that have 1/2" bar spacing so they couldn't bring out. That was a backache though, not very fun or convenient. Then I bought a hold from Petsmart for $100 which can fit 4 rats and has the correct hotel spacing and solid bottom floors-- Super Pet My First Home for Exotics. It's 30x18x30 with a plastic bottom and 3 plastic half-levels. The biggest problem is that the ramp don't connect well and the girls hold on to knocking them past its sell-by date; but they can and do just climb the bar on the side of the cage instead, hehe. Also, I get the cage when I have 4 rats but I think we adjectives know we never only stick beside what we originally had, hehe. I very soon have 7 and I'm thinking roughly speaking getting them the 'Chinchilla Mansion' with 1/2" tavern spacing from www.qualitycage.com/chinchilla.html . The rat cages from that place aren't a honest size, but that Chin cage looks great and can hold 10 rats.

The rat skyscraper isn't impossible; as long as the bar spacing on the level isn't big enough that they can receive their feet caught it should be fine. Since the bottom is solid they enjoy a place to get bad wire and should be freshly fine. Problems like bumblefoot that they used to surmise were cause by wire cage are more often cause by unsanitary conditions. Wire still isn't that comfortable, but I also put lots of plastic, grassy mats, wood slats, etc. down for them on the cable so they can get right past its sell-by date of it.

For the chewing, it definitely depends. I present mine cat toys (little balls and stuff) and slack bird toys with lots of wood and they enjoy a ball destroying them. I haven't have anyone chewing things they shouldn't yet--except the time they pulled my blanket off my bed and through their coop and made some holes. Not happy!

Good luck on a appropriate cage rummage. =)
Okay. Well from my rat Riddle i learned TONS. The ferret shut within might not be the best. Riddle always get out when he was an young. He would do it right in front of you. We didn't hold the same round up, but same bar spacing. Also, chewing depends on rat. Riddle merely chewed his Rocker gnaw (I little wood ball) but my first rat Nala, chewed through her cage contained by two days and broke a tooth chewing on her metal cage. She finished up in a aquarium, but I couldn't risk her sanctuary. Try to think of the nature. I don't like martins cage. Wire bottoms are bad for their foot. I don't know if it changed or not. Try petsmart with Superpet They enjoy a green bottomed cage that Riddle used to love. Then we upgraded to the purple bottom one. I love it and it's big adequate for him to have playtime next to a friend in it.

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