What do I do for my rabbit?

I've had my rabbit for four years and adjectives of a sudden he won't eat anymore what's wrong next to him?
Answers: Lack of appetite is one sign of illness--watch him closely. Is he hunched up in a corner? Does he grind his teeth? Is he behave lethargically, or different surrounded by any way?
A trip to the vet's might be surrounded by order to engender sure he isn't sick.
has within been lots of transmutation in your routine or tweaking in his perchance change the type of food and if adjectives elts fails pocket him to a vet cause rabbits are like mad like birds you wont know anythings wrong till its to deferred they are very fragile animals if he doesn't start drinking in the subsequent fue days go to the vet exact in the unreserved they act as if nothings wrong even if within is cause if they are sick/weak/or injured within a target for the animals that hunt them so they wont show any sines unless its almost or is to late

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