Are at hand Guinea Pigs contained by the Wild?

-I have a piggie and I be just wondering how do these little guys live out contained by the wild on their own?

-If so, How do they survive? They're exceptionally scared and sensitive animals...
Answers: Absolutely! They don't look pretty the same as domesticated pigs because of the genetic test that takes place when animals are bred for coat colour & body structure.

The piggies roam the grasslands and mountainous areas of South America, such as Peru and Chile, surrounded by big herds and drink the grasses. Because they are prey animals and are pretty much defenseless, they do not live long in the rainy. Pigs multiply rapidly, so it keep the population up. Pups are born fully furred, eyes open, and walking/running so they own a better chance at survival. The sows can become pregnant again inwardly hours of giving birth.

The people indigenous to those countries keep hold of guinea pigs as we would livestock (think chickens) and use them for food.
Of course, every animal does or has at some point.

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