A morning within the duration of someone who care for a guinea pig (healthy guinea pig)??

How often you chane his/her/their food, adapt their bedding, what you feed them, and etc. I be just curious because I hear they need a range of fruits and vegetables, but not too much of certain vitamins. THANKS
Answers: I use fleece, near an under bedding of matress pad, and a towel for their litter box. Every morning I sweep up poops, and give them their veggies and top up hayrack. Every night previously bed I change the litter box towel, dispense them their evening veggies, and refill hay rack and wash/refill pellet bowls, sweep up poops.
I supply them fresh(NO VITAMIN C DROPS) water on a daily basis, in a hose down bottle.
How often you necessitate to clean really depends on the size of your coop. Commercial cages should be cleaned each day, or every other day. C&C cage, when the size requirements are correctly followed, could probably go 5 days lacking changing.

It's going to be a great deal easier to just contribute you links, because besides diet there are plentiful other things you need to swot.

GuineaLynx is the best care, emergency, and medical guide for guinea pigs. It will assist you out in erudition about how to caution for them, as well as a adjectives reference when your guinea pig requires vet visit.

Guineapig cages explains modest housing, and has a wonderful forum.
In the diet passage of the forum, there are masses sticky threads you should read. They are excellent.
The site is currently undergoing renovations, but everything is still adjectives there.

Another excellent interconnect that explains the importance of companionship, and adoption, and various other things, is CavySpirit.
well, she eat her food of guinea pig food(get the same food EVERY time if not they wont eat it) every sunshine so I fill it every morning. She also gets a non stop supply of hay and usually my remnants, strawberry tops, carrots, basicly anything. I sit on the couch and we share a banana. I variation her cage once a week ( she uses aspen shavings).Vitamin C is needed and you can buy some at a pet store but I've never given mine any... shes get clemintines once in a while.

own fun with your piggy
I provide fresh pellet, orange slices, and timothy hay everyday and three times a week (MWF) I tender them fresh greens. Green leaf lettuce, dandelion leaves, kale, swiss chard,and boston lettuce for example. I also put vitamin C drops surrounded by his water everyday. Guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C and own to be given it daily because it is lost surrounded by their urine. I give him carrot once in awhile, they aren't the best piece for them but they are ok for a treat. I scoop out any drizzly bedding everyday and completely change the bedding once a week. The best bedding is one i.e. unscented. Carefresh is my favorite.

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