Are ferret unfair surrounded by California?

i know that they are not in some states
Answers: Yes. California & Hawaii are, I'm pretty sure, the simply 2 states where it's against the canon to have ferret, although pet shops & even supermarkets in CA enjoy ferret food & supplies. There have be ppl actively campaigning to get hold of this law changed, but short success so far.
We're surrounded by CA & used to have a ferret, whose innovative guardian was moving out of state (ironically, to a state where on earth ferrets are welcome). She be a sweet & playful thing who shared our multi-species home for more than 7 years.
They sure are.

Shame, too. Awfully cute lil guys.
I hold no idea?

EDIT: To the individual above me: Their illegal? Why? What own they done? Thats dumb.. :(
I would would say yes

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