Roborovski Hamster?

My dwarf roborovski at about 4 o clock this morning woke me and my boyfriend up near screeching close to he was surrounded by distress and fighting something, we quikly get up and discovered that he was within his little house, the house was shaking and he be squealing uncontrollably we checked his house out but here wasnt anything in here that would have upset him. He have his own cage and have never done this before.

Please some suggestion would be good from any roborovski owners

Thanks xx
Answers: Hi here.
Did you get Roborovski out of his coop and check him over to make sure he be ok ?
If he squeals like this again I don`t know you should get him checked over by a vet.
Small rodents are not other the easiest creatures to treat, but if they need treatment, next its only objective that they get it.
First item first though..
It may be a simple case of "at hand is a spider in my cage".
Change his bedding and look for that spider. Hamster will squeal at other creatures purely to try and frighten them away.
Good luck with Roborovski.
Could own had a nightmare?

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