A world ruled by rats mice and gerbils?

if we were prisoners of them and if mice be gurds and gerbils were first class and if 1 rat be a king how woeld you react.
Answers: I'd love it. I love little animals, but in attendance would be poop everywhere, apart from the rats. I love animals like rats and mice and gerbils. I own 2 albino rats and 2 guinea pigs and I love them to death. I'd hang up out with the little babies adjectives day, even if I am locked up. I would conduct yourself nice, good behavior, I'll be out of in attendance in a year. Then, I'll enjoy all the fun I want.
i would run and crap myself to your stupid interview!! mice, rats, and (stupid, very stupid) gerbils would never rule the world! not even surrounded by your dreams

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