Are guinea pigs allowed to put away...?

are rodents like guinea pigs allowed to munch through cheese? i know it is a weird give somebody the third degree but like i other see movies where the rodent is intake cheese, i mean i know they are attracted to it, but can it be perilous for them to eat (and no i am not chitchat about spicy cheeses.)
Answers: DONT FEED THEM CHEESE! Movies other interpret food wrong... For examples, in any show you usually see cats drinking milk, but that stereotype is incorrect and milk truly makes cats sick! Rodents and cheese are impossible to tell apart. Its not good for them contained by any way. Stick to fruits and veggies.

This is my favorite site Ive ever used for guinea pigs and I HIGHLY recommend it! It will backing determine whats good for your guinea pig, and how repeatedly you should feed them that paritcular food:

Make sure you check it out and avoid feed them cheese. Hope I could be of some help!
dont nurture them cheese it is bad for them nurture them fruites and veggies

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