Can I donate menacing chocolate to my pet rat?

I read somewhere that rats with pycoplasma can benefit from drinking dark chocolate, bacause it clears their breathing system. It is true?
Answers: It's fine within moderation. I'm using dark chocolate as a stop-gap calculate to help my Fudge near her myco while we wait for her vet appointment, and I've used it for like purpose before. A couple of tiny pieces won't hurt your rat(s), but unquestionably, you don't want to overdo it. Too much chocolate can lead to substance problems, and you don't want to give anybody (rat or human) too much of any variety of stimulant, which is what caffeine is.

Get your girl to the vet right away if she's sick enough to own trouble breathing without the chocolate, and seize her to a vet ASAP even if she's only somewhat sick. Lung scarring isn't much fun for anybody.
Never hear of that. I've heard both apt & bad when it comes to chocolate and rats. Obviously, the effect hasn't be studied satisfactory for there to be a 100% specified answer, so I wouldn't risk it.

When I had a rat beside Mycoplasma, the vet told me that having the rat within the bathroom with you whiling taking a hot shower, is accepting.
The steam will clear the nasal passage, abundantly like it does for us.
unless you hear it from your vet, i wouldn't do it.

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